196: What I Really Really Want

My old dating style suited me well. It’s no surprise. I have trust issues thanks to having been messed around more than once and I am quite happy with my own company. Actively dating non monogamously took all of that out of the equation, no matter what I felt for the guy. And, I suppose, […]

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195: Mind The Gap

Dating for keeps is like making a business decision. If you are hoping to invest your hopes, your dreams and your future in someone, they have to be right if the investment is going to flourish and grow. Knowing how I used to date, and knowing it never went quite right, I am aware of […]

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194: Breaking The Cycle

One of the questions I find myself asking a lot these days, is why I always ended up with the types of partners I did. Growing up I was always a sucker for the underdog. My mother used to say I attracted lame ducks. I resented the remark but she was right. I would always […]

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