164: Not Progressing

Never look at the accounts of past dates. I stupidly had a peek at MG’s, and his status is now ‘In A Relationship’. I don’t know why it bothers me. We wouldn’t have worked. His home life was the wrong set up for me. We lived too far apart. We were both financially stressed. I […]

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157: End Of The Year

My lack of posts stems from the fact that I just don’t care about dating anymore. I’m home for Christmas and dealing with one day at a time, with the joy of a family with whom I don’t share many similaries, struggles or ethics but it breaks up the routine and gives me something else […]

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156: Dumped

I’ve dumped Twitter again. My state of mind at the moment, is less than joyous, and Twitter is making it far far worse. I can’t do it anymore. Again. It’s too bitter, too resentful, too angry and too self absorbed for me. And the worst thing about it, is that you start behaving in the […]

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