213: Rules Of Engagement

I had a little wobble recently and got angry. I got angry at me, at Leigh, at everyone. I doubt it was anything to do with infidelity. I think it was probably a dose of pandemic cabin fever coupled with a ‘bad mood 24 hours’ as sometimes happens with me. In that moment I wrote […]

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212: Settling

If you had a job that paid good money, it came with all the package benefits, and enabled you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and provide for your family, but there were one or two aspects of it that jarred with you but were tolerable, would you resign in the hope of finding the perfect […]

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211: He Thinks You Deserve Better

Well here’s a juxtaposition. Leigh thinks I deserve better than him. It’s a stupid comment he has thrown in several times whilst simultaneously still ‘dating’ me. If he thinks that, he should do the honourable thing and dump me. Why are you still here Leigh if that’s the case? He says it’s not a constant […]

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