129: Old Dogs, New Tricks

Despite the end of MG, Mike and Andre have kept me busy. Two meets each this month. My last was a few days ago. I was down south with my parents for a few days, in part for work and in part for family. But I managed to crowbar a day in a hotel with […]

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126: I Think I Just Missed Out

Just short of four weeks since I’d last messaged and last heard from MG, I’d stopped accepting that he’d just ghosted me without good reason. Usually, I just move on. You get to know the the exhibitionists, the time wasters, the down right idiots. I didn’t think that was him. He told me that wasn’t […]

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124: Making Your Own Path

I stopped trying to construct my narrative when I was in my early twenties. The rules, the successes, the marker points I had planned for myself didn’t happen, because the other part of my personality was too weak to stick to my self made rules and high standards. Instead I went off at a horrible […]

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