240: Something Inside Me Has Died

My brief liaisons with Leigh and then Daniel this year, have left me wanting. Wanting direction. I feel empty, undesirous and unmotivated to find any sort of relationship. Single seems so easy. So uncomplicated. It’s a comforting default and it looks more inviting the more I think about it and the longer I am in […]

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239: Ships In The Night

I am fairly sure Daniel rode past me on his motorbike the other day whilst I was out. I was glamorously clutching my supermarket shopping. I am fairly sure he saw me too. Not surprising, within a few hours, he had emailed me. It didn’t mention the drive by, but I suppose he must have […]

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238: The Lure Of Unlived Lives

There is a section in Esther Perel’s book ‘The State of Affairs’ titled ‘The Lure of Unlived Lives’. Whilst I don’t really analyse why I do what I do, and it was really only Daniel’s appearance that made me do that, this book has made me see another side to what is going on here. […]

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