159: Don’t Be A Dependant

I was watching a slot on a tv programme the other week about managing household finances. One particular point came up with an older gentleman who was worried about his wife should he die before her and what would happen with regards to the finances. She freely admitted that if he died tomorrow, she wouldn’t […]

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157: End Of The Year

My lack of posts stems from the fact that I just don’t care about dating anymore. I’m home for Christmas and dealing with one day at a time, with the joy of a family with whom I don’t share many similaries, struggles or ethics but it breaks up the routine and gives me something else […]

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155: Changing The Record

It’s been close to a month since I last saw Harry. We haven’t messaged since. A couple of weeks silence on either side isn’t unusual, but, following our last meeting and the explosive post I sent out in reaction to it, I’ve deliberately chosen to not break the silence this time. If I can string […]

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