170: Status Labels – Divorced

Sarah Millican the stand up comedian, post divorce, and writing in her book ‘How To Be Champion’ asked the question: ‘When are you not divorced anymore?’ A good question and one with many answers. I suspect it depends on where you stand in the divorce and how you feel about your ex. You may be […]

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169: Single Is Normal?

I’ve never really wondered why all my relationships turned to mush, and why I’ve ended up single in my 40s. At least, I thought I already knew the answer – that I am really bad at choosing decent partners and ‘happy ever after’ is a myth. In all honestly, this is what I secretly aspired […]

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165: Emotionally Un-Available

When I first split from my last ex (officially) in May 2016, I had already shut down. I couldn’t deal with the situation in the way I wanted until August because I was tied to a house rental with him for that four months. What followed, once I had finally got away entirely, was 18 […]

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164: Not Progressing

Never look at the accounts of past dates. I stupidly had a peek at MG’s, and his status is now ‘In A Relationship’. I don’t know why it bothers me. We wouldn’t have worked. His home life was the wrong set up for me. We lived too far apart. We were both financially stressed. I […]

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