159: Don’t Be A Dependant

I was watching a slot on a tv programme the other week about managing household finances. One particular point came up with an older gentleman who was worried about his wife should he die before her and what would happen with regards to the finances. She freely admitted that if he died tomorrow, she wouldn’t […]

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139: Spanner In The Works

The day that I published ‘A State of Happiness‘ I lost my job. Well, one of them. Except it was unfortunately the good paying one. And the only reason I have a completely positive slant on it is because of that previous post. No matter who steps on my toes, I won’t be dragged down. […]

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122: Twitter Break

Not so long ago I considered a social media break.  Then I realised that what I actually needed was a Twitter break. I rarely use my Facebook, my Instagram is a place for me to post pictures of my travels, WordPress is not social media. I rarely scroll through timelines, I don’t habitually check. Except […]

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