235: Recalibration/Reset

I think about resetting a lot. It’s not always easy to put into words, so I am always thankful when someone else writes something that sums up how I think and how I am trying to explain myself. I recently read a post on another website and the writer explained her changing dynamics. Her opening […]

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234: F*** You Money

My life changed when I acquired ‘fuck you’ money. Not a huge amount but enough so that I didn’t have to choose between living in houseshares with psychotic landladies, boyfriends I had known less than three months or having to do the dreaded return home to parents. ‘Fuck you’ money means I can date without […]

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233: Familiarity Breeds Contempt

The ritual of good morning and good night messages between myself and Leigh, has now stopped. In fact, there are now days (even weeks) when we don’t talk at all. Instead, it has been replaced by those with Daniel, but it is a routine I am already familiar with. It’s the kind of thing people […]

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