39: Another Update

You may notice a few names missing. Let’s just say that those who are missing are not being missed. I’ve been thinning out the conversations and dumping the players who just aren’t coming up with the goods. And there are so many of them! There are days when I mindlessly hit like on any pretty […]

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38: Meet Up

Meet Up is a great way to find groups of people with similar interests. It doesn’t always work out but sometimes you find individuals and you really hit it off. Not surprisingly there are a few groups for niche sexual persuasions. Here, there is one for Polyamory and Consenting Non Monogamy. As I was at […]

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37: The Condom Issue – Again

I had my first full on conversation about condoms with one of the guys I am in touch wit,h a few weeks back. I am genuinely confused by the number of men who don’t mention or won’t use condoms because, it seems, they just don’t care. Otherwise they’d mention it, right? Even more so the […]

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