A Quick Question #1

Do I feel bad about blocking someone who’s conversation has got very boring and clearly doesn’t want to meet even though he says he’s met women before. I kind of do but do I? Would you? Advertisements

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34: Notches On The Bedpost

Is it wrong that I am banking up the information I have on the men I meet? Unwittingly they have become remarkably good fodder for my blog (the whole point of why I started this in the first place but I wasn’t expecting it to this extent). The guys I am attracting are largely free […]

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33: Am I Undateable?

I sat in a pub just before new year with my ex and as we chatted about this and that, largely about my dating life and his regrets at the way he had treated me when we were together (regret is a pointless emotion btw if you can’t do anything about what you did). Four […]

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32: Izzy

Izzy turned up on Tinder. 34ish, Indian (he was like the hot guys from ‘East is East‘ if his profile was anything to go by) and was a professionally trained masseuse. I don’t have a race or religion etiquette, but I don’t strictly go for people far outside my own ethnic background. That’s not a […]

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29: Mike Revisited

Mike didn’t want to wait until the end of January for our second meeting. Every so often I’d get texts from him. He’d randomly get a hard on in the office when his thoughts strayed to us, which I found funny. I have a warped sense of humour in that sense. I like that little […]

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