150: Some Thoughts On Non-Monogamy

Harry’s appearance on the scene three months ago (boy has that gone fast), has had me thinking, unconsciously, about my situation. He has become the most regular of my irregulars, and a reminder of why I am sure I have made the right decision staying away from committed relationships. Everything seems to be slipping into […]

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149: One Year Ago Today

It’s a year today since I took up the challenge and joined the online daters. Gianluca was my baptism of fire. I can’t even remember what it felt like back then. Thankfully. It’s not an experience I want to repeat. In total, 50 different men have passed through my dating sphere. Many of them were […]

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148: Double Date

The joy of doing what I do, is flexibility. I like not planning. I like surprises, I like a jolt to a dull routine. I hate routine. Last week Mike had told me he was coming to town for business again. We were booked for Monday night. On Sunday Harry had messaged me to say, […]

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