239: Ships In The Night

I am fairly sure Daniel rode past me on his motorbike the other day whilst I was out. I was glamorously clutching my supermarket shopping. I am fairly sure he saw me too. Not surprising, within a few hours, he had emailed me. It didn’t mention the drive by, but I suppose he must have […]

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225: LAT And The Idea of Settling

I have two interesting articles from The Globe And Mail to share with you, about older women turning their back on traditional relationship styles post divorce. You can find them here and here. It gave me a feeling of contentment. It’s women saying they don’t need men, and that men need to grow a backbone […]

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217: Distraction

Dating someone who isn’t available, in whatever capacity that may be, comes with challenges. One is the time between meetings. Texting is one thing, but I am not here for pen pals. For me, it was one of the pluses of casual dating, that you were never sitting around waiting for a text that never […]

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