114: Reevaluating Again….

I have been looking critically at what I want from a relationship. It isn’t that I haven’t done it before, that’s what lead me down the single and then the CNM route in the first place. It’s transitional. It’s a journey. But more recently, MG had made me look at the longer term, the prospect […]

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112: Defining ‘Relationship’

I have a terrible track record for getting too invested in new relationships too quickly. I am certainly not the only one. It’s one of the main reasons I went down the non-monogamy route after a self-enforced and very pleasurable year single. I needed to learn to do things differently for a while, to distance […]

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101: About Turn

A few weeks ago was not a good week. Actually, May has been rubbish and I have largely been a mixed up mess throughout most of the month, swinging between one extreme and the other. This, despite what my blog may tell you. It happens. I blame it all soley on MG. Things came to […]

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84: Distance Dating

Distance dating is a double edged sword. If, like me, you enjoy your independence and your ‘me time’, it can be the perfect set up for a relationship that won’t go stale or become too clingy. But it will require the patience of a saint if you also like spontenaiety. Me and MG are both […]

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77: MG – What Happened Next

This weekend has been, not an eye opener as such, but a tentative beginning of a new stage in my life. What I have learned is that I am still open to suggestion, relatively easy to influence and that non-monogamous is only a development stage on my journey in doing relationships better. This I already […]

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