77: MG – What Happened Next

This weekend has been, not an eye opener as such, but a tentative beginning of a new stage in my life. What I have learned is that I am still open to suggestion, relatively easy to influence and that non-monogamous is only a development stage on my journey in doing relationships better. This I already […]

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75: MG – Here Goes Nothing

So this is it. Today I am heading 4 hours north to spend a long weekend with MG, with whom I been texting and having phone calls for the last 6 weeks. It’s the longest lead in time I’ve ever had with someone pre-meet. I’ve been keeping this one quieter than normal. This feels different. […]

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FOSTA – A Quick Heads Up

I am writing this off the cuff, because I’ve only just found out about it and I thought it was worth a share now. If I schedule it with the other posts, it’s going to be old news by the time it hits your WordPress feeds…. Following my last post 74: Good Words For Bad […]

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74: Good Words For Bad Things

When it comes to the issue of infidelity we need to start using nicer words to open up dialogue and get to the root of problems by helping people vent, rant and work through it, allowing for open discussion, discussion that is probably more honest than what one might hear in the therapists room (I’m […]

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