124: Making Your Own Path

I stopped trying to construct my narrative when I was in my early twenties. The rules, the successes, the marker points I had planned for myself didn’t happen, because the other part of my personality was too weak to stick to my self made rules and high standards. Instead I went off at a horrible […]

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122: Twitter Break

Not so long ago I considered a social media break.  Then I realised that what I actually needed was a Twitter break. I rarely use my Facebook, my Instagram is a place for me to post pictures of my travels, WordPress is not social media. I rarely scroll through timelines, I don’t habitually check. Except […]

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118: Sex Is A Teacake

By denying yourself certain foods when you diet or alter your eating habits as a lifestyle change, by making things ‘bad’ and forbidden you will undoubtedly want them more. You will obsess about them. The bad thing becomes the lure, the unspoken. Eventually you will break and allow yourself a little of that thing you […]

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