243: 2022

So how did you ring in the new year? With celebrations? Or commiserations? Or indifference. Celebration seems so middle class and unapologetic when there are so many struggles going on in the world. I don’t feel like 2021 has been an achievement in any sense of the word. Someone said I should be glad to […]

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242: Single is okay, alone is not

I don’t have so much to talk about since I have slipped easily into singledom again. But I still have things on my mind. I have been thinking more about a possible aromantic label (much as I hate labels). Recently I was listening to an episode of the Sex and Psychology Podcast: Understanding Asexuality and […]

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241: Aromantic

Aromantic – adjective: having no interest in or desire for romantic relationships. The other day, I was thinking back over all my relationships and wondering how many of these men I had fallen in love with. It was prompted by a discussion about being aromantic that I had come across on a forum. When I […]

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