257: How To Bag Yourself A Man

Back in the days before women generally had better choices other than to get married, cook and raise children, ending up a spinster was a fate worse than death unless you had rich parents who could support you in life and beyond. And there were plenty of ways to bag yourself a man if being […]

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256: Chocolate

I think I would have always settled for the latter if I had known there was a choice, and in recent years, I have done so more, at the expense of my waistline.  That said, relationships were never a sure sign of a trim figure, since one gets too comfortable too quickly and stops trying […]

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255: Where Did All The Bloggers Go?

Like most dating bloggers, I stopped regularly writing when I lost interest in the dating scene – the search for the one. Those dating bloggers I was aware of, and there were several I followed regularly, have all now either finally stumbled upon a new relationship which, strangely, doesn’t warrant blog space, or they’ve stopped […]

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