170: Status Labels – Divorced

Sarah Millican the stand up comedian, post divorce, and writing in her book ‘How To Be Champion’ asked the question: ‘When are you not divorced anymore?’ A good question and one with many answers. I suspect it depends on where you stand in the divorce and how you feel about your ex. You may be […]

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140: Getting Married

I have two weddings to attend in September. I have a non-plus attitude towards marriage. I don’t see the need to slap a contract on someone to make a relationship valid. That’s bullshit as far as I’m concerned. Especially when you look at the stupid amounts of money it involves and how so many people […]

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132: Happy Endings

I have just endured, for no particular reason, yet another crappy romcom. I was only watching it because ‘yet another Friday night in’. Happy ever afters are bullshit. Do you know why? Because the film only show you what happens up to the perfect moment, not what happens afterwards. Pretty Woman might get her millionaire […]

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129: Old Dogs, New Tricks

Despite the end of MG, Mike and Andre have kept me busy. Two meets each this month. My last was a few days ago. I was down south with my parents for a few days, in part for work and in part for family. But I managed to crowbar a day in a hotel with […]

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