205: Stepping Stones

A successful relationship doesn’t have to be one that lasts forever. It could be 1, 5, 10 or 30 years. It’s what the relationship consisted of that matters. Everything is a stepping stone rather than a destination. For me, the idea that one person would stick around for the rest of my life, is an […]

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204: The Calm

One of the personality traits that has attracted me to Leigh, beyond his matter of fact honesty and interest in having actual conversations, is his gentle, laid back demeanour. He is quiet, methodical, reserved and takes his time to process things before making a decision. He never gets angry or worked up. He was incredibly […]

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203: The First Date

My first date with Leigh was an odd one compared to most of my previous experiences. We met locally, outside at a park. Once we had tiptoed around polite conversation we relaxed, but only slightly, into each other’s company. We touched on relationship situations and engaged in general monotonous small talk to try and gauge […]

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