7: They Come They Go…

The Badoo interests came and went. Sometimes I met them, sometimes we chatted and that was it. The drop out rate was disappointing. I stopped bothering to log them in the end. But my first, the one who I never met, was the one that stuck around. Gianluca. We bantered regularly and once we had […]

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6: Tom and Matthew

I wanted to test the Badoo market, so I set up a second profile with a simple ‘just wants to get laid’ hookline. I’d seen men doing it like this and wondered if they were getting any hits. I reckoned any woman doing it would get a fair amount of interest. It was really just […]

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5: Michael

The day before Jamie was due back in the UK, a week after our first meeting, Michael hit me up on Badoo. It was now 16th November. He cut a good look, I’d ‘liked’ his profile but left it there. I wasn’t quite as excited for him as I was for Gianluca or Jamie, but […]

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3: Jamie

In just a few days of mine and Gianluca’s decision to call time on our hazy sexual relationship, my next encounter hoved into view. Another I had spotted and this time liked. He got back pretty fast too, a day later. He was my Yorkshire lad. It was now 11th November…… Another absolute stunner – […]

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2: The Italian Lothario

My first hit turned out to be my first success of sorts. Gianluca was my Italian lothario. He was bad in all the right ways. He appeared on my chat box the day, and to the first hour, that I made my first forays into online dating – 24 October. As it turned out this […]

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1: How It All Began…..

After years of playing ‘Mrs Nice Guy’ by May 2016 I was done with relationships. Three years of hell over my last failed attempt had convinced me it was time to call it quits. And so I spent a year and a half – the longest I’d ever been single – putting myself first and reminding […]

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