7: They Come They Go…

The Badoo interests came and went. Sometimes I met them, sometimes we chatted and that was it. The drop out rate was disappointing. I stopped bothering to log them in the end. But my first, the one who I never met, was the one that stuck around. Gianluca. We bantered regularly and once we had […]

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6: Tom and Matthew

I wanted to test the Badoo market, so I set up a second profile with a simple ‘just wants to get laid’ hookline. I’d seen men doing it like this and wondered if they were getting any hits. I reckoned any woman doing it would get a fair amount of interest. It was really just […]

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5: Michael

The day before Jamie was due back in the UK, a week after our first meeting, Michael hit me up on Badoo. It was now 16th November. He cut a good look, I’d ‘liked’ his profile but left it there. I wasn’t quite as excited for him as I was for Gianluca or Jamie, but […]

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