Space Filler

I had the urge to throw in this random comment as a follow up to ‘The Ex’. In case you weren’t sure just how much of a dong he really was, these are the kinds of questions I often end up fielding from him. Note his disgusted tone that I didn’t answer.  

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52: Ex

My ex, as some of you will have gathered by now, is a complete twat, a self serving moron of the highest order. Traditionally I have got myself as far away from exs as I possibly can. It always meant moving cities. But I am very much in favour of clean breaks and living anywhere […]

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51: The English Teacher

I suppose because I’m not looking for ‘the one’, or anything too serious in fact, unless of course it turns out to be super serious (never say never), I don’t cling on to messages. I’ve stopped building any long term scenarios in my head.¬† On top of that I rarely instigate¬† matches, but let them […]

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50: The Mistress

‘A married man’s mistress is a woman who is not his wife and with whom he is having a sexual relationship.’ The Collins English Dictionary The fact of the matter is that I have inadvertently, and without considering the ramifications, become a mistress of sorts. I never thought of it like this but I was […]

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