159: Don’t Be A Dependant

I was watching a slot on a tv programme the other week about managing household finances. One particular point came up with an older gentleman who was worried about his wife should he die before her and what would happen with regards to the finances. She freely admitted that if he died tomorrow, she wouldn’t […]

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144: Stepping Stones

When a date doesn’t work, or a relationship doesn’t last, it’s not an ending. Not to me anyway. For me, everything in life is a stepping stone and that includes relationships because there is no endpoint in life except that you will die. Everything else should be a continuous exploration. To me it is all […]

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140: Getting Married

I have two weddings to attend in September. I have a non-plus attitude towards marriage. I don’t see the need to slap a contract on someone to make a relationship valid. That’s bullshit as far as I’m concerned. Especially when you look at the stupid amounts of money it involves and how so many people […]

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