140: Getting Married

I have two weddings to attend in September. I have a non-plus attitude towards marriage. I don’t see the need to slap a contract on someone to make a relationship valid. That’s bullshit as far as I’m concerned. Especially when you look at the stupid amounts of money it involves and how so many people […]

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139: Spanner In The Works

The day that I published ‘A State of Happiness‘ I lost my job. Well, one of them. Except it was unfortunately the good paying one. And the only reason I have a completely positive slant on it is because of that previous post. No matter who steps on my toes, I won’t be dragged down. […]

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137: Candy Crush Dating

Ditch The Dating Sites is my new most popular posting. It seems a number of people agreed. And yet I find it interesting that, despite this, we’re all still on the dating sites, knowing it probably won’t get us anywhere. I suppose ‘what if’ holds us to it. So are we just doing it for […]

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136: A State of Happiness

This is not the first time I have considered what happiness is. Even as a teen I contemplated the meaning of life (yep even then I was on a different wavelength). I wanted a purpose that went beyond a 9-5 job, marriage and kids. In fact, not wanting marriage or kids meant that I had […]

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