242: Single is okay, alone is not

I don’t have so much to talk about since I have slipped easily into singledom again. But I still have things on my mind. I have been thinking more about a possible aromantic label (much as I hate labels). Recently I was listening to an episode of the Sex and Psychology Podcast: Understanding Asexuality and […]

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241: Aromantic

Aromantic – adjective: having no interest in or desire for romantic relationships. The other day, I was thinking back over all my relationships and wondering how many of these men I had fallen in love with. It was prompted by a discussion about being aromantic that I had come across on a forum. When I […]

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240: Something Inside Me Has Died

My brief liaisons with Leigh and then Daniel this year, have left me wanting. Wanting direction. I feel empty, undesirous and unmotivated to find any sort of relationship. Single seems so easy. So uncomplicated. It’s a comforting default and it looks more inviting the more I think about it and the longer I am in […]

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