27: Round Up – Too Long???

It’s time for a ‘brief’ update. I’ve been hesitant in posting this because it’s a bit long. Then I saw something similar by another blogger and thought, to hell with it. There have been plenty of new connections and ships in the night which I haven’t added to my regular posts because I keep running […]

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26: Darren

The only way to get over guys (apart from not getting attached to them in the first place) is to find other guys. On 3rd January I deleted Jem and TJ from my Whatsapp. There were too many old conversations left unresolved cluttering up my inbox and I just don’t have the emotional energy to […]

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25: A Space Of Your Own To….

Who’d have thought finding a place of your own would be so difficult. I may be single (well you know what I mean) and self employed and having enough cash to put down a year’s rent in advance (the North West of England is cheap as chips) shouldn’t really be that difficult. But finding the […]

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