237: They Never Want To Leave

I have never dated a married man who wanted to end his marriage (take note of this, delusional APs). The affair is a lifeline, a sticking plaster that papers over the gaps in a fragmented relationship where communication seems to be the impossible ask. Even so, the situation can never change. Never rock the boat. […]

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236: Sounding Board

There is no worse drama queen than a married man whinging to his mistress about how difficult his life is and how he grapples with the situation he now finds himself in. I don’t want to hear it, really I don’t. At first it seems quite sweet. They’re confiding in you in a way they […]

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233: Familiarity Breeds Contempt

The ritual of good morning and good night messages between myself and Leigh, has now stopped. In fact, there are now days (even weeks) when we don’t talk at all. Instead, it has been replaced by those with Daniel, but it is a routine I am already familiar with. It’s the kind of thing people […]

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