197: Should You Live Alone?

An extended stay with family reminds me that I should probably never live with anyone full time again. I don’t think of living alone as something I have got used to over the past four years, it’s the way I have always been but, as in so many things, I’ve always made concessions for others, […]

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196: What I Really Really Want

My old dating style suited me well. It’s no surprise. I have trust issues thanks to having been messed around more than once and I am quite happy with my own company. Actively dating non monogamously took all of that out of the equation, no matter what I felt for the guy. And, I suppose, […]

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190: F*** Romcoms

Actually that’s not strictly true. Some of them are actually okay but the endings are always so sickeningly upbeat. The couple ALWAYS end the story by making up and getting back together and the audience is left hanging with the promise of a happy ever after. Now come on, that does not happen in the […]

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