219: Reblog: Psychology Today – Do You Fall in Love Fast, Easily, and Often?

I like it when an article pops into my inbox that says all the things I don’t have to. This one in particular, sums up all my past problems with relationships. Who knew that it had a name – ’emophilia’.

There was an interesting line in here which said that those with ’emophilia’ were attracted to ‘anyone’ displaying the traits mentioned. That may explain why I say I have ‘a type’ but when I look at all my past partners, there really is no clear similarity between any of them except their unsuitability. It would seem I haven’t changed that much, but I have at least learned to detach my emotions from them and protect my own interests. These two things have been key to me still having a sex life (in my personal opinion).

I am not going to say much more about this link, except that the lessons have been learned in terms of falling too fast. I use a business like approach these days.

And that’s not going to change any time soon.

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