215: Signposts

I am a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason. Call it fate or karma. Whatever suits your narrative best. Thanks to reading a short journal entry elsewhere on the interweb, I thought I would write something about it.

I often talk about relationships being about the journey, not the destination, and that can be not only your journey but you in someone else’s as well. I hope that I am the signpost in someone else’s life. I look at them and where they are at this moment in time and I hope they are not as lost as they seem, that they are more content and happier than they appear to be.

Am I lost? I may be more so than I realise. I convince myself I am on a very determined path and that everything happens for a reason, but I do find myself constantly looking out for signposts all around me. Sometimes they find me, sometimes I find them first. They are the people that stick in my mind, the ones I have to follow, the ones who creep into my thoughts and will not leave. They are the ones that stir feelings deep inside my belly and flick that metaphorical switch that lives within me. These individuals are the ones that enter my life in a more tangible way. You can spot them because they are few and far between, and they shine like stars in the night sky. And they are impossible to avoid, because it’s fate.

These people are a small part of my journey (my life to date is testament to that) and I never look too closely at any of them as the destination because I cannot imagine any of them being around forever. But I savour them nonetheless. It is why I no longer analyse the longevity of any single relationship. Never think long term. I cannot control them, or what role they will have in my world. And why would I want to anyway? Life and its experiences can be so fleeting. If someone is meant to be they will stay. If they aren’t, you cannot stop them from going on their way without you, but you should enjoy them for what they are and be happy they have their own journey to embrace.

Be thankful also for what you learn from them. They have the potential to change your life, to open your mind, your body, your future, to help you figure out the past. You never know where they may lead and like a naive child I am bound by curiosity to follow down that winding path, collecting and eating the sweets they sprinkle on the ground as they go.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

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