190: F*** Romcoms

Actually that’s not strictly true. Some of them are actually okay but the endings are always so sickeningly upbeat. The couple ALWAYS end the story by making up and getting back together and the audience is left hanging with the promise of a happy ever after. Now come on, that does not happen in the real world.

But I did watch The Big Sick very recently and if, like me, you hadn’t read the write-up before you saw it you will discover in the credits that it is in fact based on a true story, written by the main protagonists. My illusion of ‘sucks to be you’ is shattered. Even more rule shattering is that the lead male character (Kumail Nanjiani) is the guy this happened to in real life. Amazing! You see, I don’t mind the true stories. Give me those anytime.

The Big Sick – cute: Source

In many ways I have become like one of those Meg Ryan style romcom characters. I’m the girl who is so disillusioned with men and has had her heart broken so many times that she vows never to fall in love again. Trust levels are currently still zero.

Of course, I know that it’s probably is me who is the problem with all my quirks and introvert attributes. Perhaps I acknowledge that because what I really want is to be rescued from this perpetual nightmare of will I, won’t I, or at least find a happy medium that fits mine and someone else’s lifestyles. But honestly, does that even happen to fortysomethings? I’m not even the right side of 45 and I don’t think I have much to offer someone. I am under no illusion about that.

I’ve been so worn down by the emotional upheaval of being pissed around by guys that I just can’t stomach it again, despite the occasional sneaky peek at my few surviving online dating profiles or a longing glance into my old dating blogs. And even with all the hindsight and experience I now have, I’m afraid I will end up giving it another go and be shattered once again.

Why am I thinking about all this again now? For some reason, November is a triggering time of year for me.

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