184: The One That Got Away

It’s very rare for me to try and track down an ex to see how they’re doing. It’s a pretty pointless exercise.

But there’s one guy that I call ‘the one that got away’ who I knew for a relatively brief period in my early twenties. I’m not entirely sure however, who got away from who.

Of course, it wouldn’t have worked. He settled down, had kids. He leads the high life. In my heart I was never really looking for any of that and certainly long term, and knowing who I am now, I couldn’t have sustained it. But boy has he done well for himself financially and professionally and I don’t doubt personally as well.

And good luck to him. He certainly never owed me anything.

I don’t suppose anyone would dip into my social media and think, damn I wish I hadn’t let that one get away. I certainly wouldn’t.

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