178: The Unfaithful In Lockdown

I keep on hearing how humans are herd animals, that we need touch and are crumbling in isolation because of social distancing and with everything being shut.

Frankly, I haven’t noticed the difference.

I was getting the occasional half-hearted text from a bored casual acquaintance from my online dating days, but I haven’t answered any of them. In fact, I blocked them. Single life is good. An unsolicited dick pic is not enhancing that right now.

I did start to wonder how the likes of Mike were coping holed up with the partner they hate, not getting any of their extracurricular activities. I wondered if they were breaking lockdown to meet people. I wondered if he was planning her demise? It did bring a cruel smile to my face, since the only reason he hadn’t left his wife was that he didn’t want her to get his money. Serves him right.

My last ‘date’ was in August 2019. I haven’t missed it. I still don’t miss it. I see casual dating for what it is and I’m glad I’m over that phase – for now at least. But I can’t see how a relationship would enhance my life right now.

Lockdown has been quite blissful. I am not a people person anyway. Less of them on the street works for me. There are fewer idiots out and about although speeding, rape, murder, drive by shootings, drug dealing and drug gang altercations still seem to be going on as normal. I want to say there is less antisocial behaviour, but now that we are in a soft lockdown, it’s business as usual for those dickheads.

As for the unfaithful, I don’t doubt they were back out there as soon as they could be, social distancing or not. And I imagine the dating apps are on fire right now as everyone gets used to cybersex. Where there’s a will, there’s a way,

One thought on “178: The Unfaithful In Lockdown

  1. Good on you. I feel the same way. I have also been contacted by online dating men from the past and blocked or ignored them. I am happy in a stable, loving relationship and I would never go back to online dating. I hope we are together for the foreseeable future. We are about to celebrate our 2-year anniversary. Having said that, I completely respect your choices and I am happy for you 🙂

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