166: There Are Worse Things Than Dying Alone

I have been saving this quote from Twitter since last summer. I can’t even remember who posted it now. I have been waiting for an opportune moment to use it, but it hasn’t appeared, so I’m just going to post it here because it’s getting lonely in my draft box and I’m getting bored of seeing it there, doing nothing:

‘After speaking with my married colleagues, I’ve realized
that my biggest fear isn’t dying alone. It’s realising I
married someone I don’t really love and feeling trapped
in the relationship.’


4 thoughts on “166: There Are Worse Things Than Dying Alone

  1. The quote was from someone else who I suppose had been in this situation. I thought it interesting for sure. There is nothing more lonely than being stuck in a relationship that doesn’t work for you. I’ve been there enough times. I am not afraid of commitment, though I wouldn’t jump into it as quickly as I have in the past. I simply don’t need to commit to anyone. It doesn’t add anything tangible to my life at the moment. I am naturally independent, I am not afraid of managing myself. I’m sure if the right person came along commitment won’t be an issue or a concern. I’ve committed before but it would be far worse to be with someone you didn’t want to be with, than be alone.

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  2. I agree as I am still single at age 49 . I’ve been with a few nutjobs over the years myself. Maybe there is just too many broken and damaged people out there trying to date when they are obviously total train wrecks! They lie, they steal, they cheat.. They give love a bad name because they are not even capable of loving themselves let alone anybody else. They scare away all of the good people who took the time to properly heal from past relationships and who actually have some love left to give to the right person. But asking people to be wise in a world of fools is perhaps asking a bit too much. 😊

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  3. I think most people are like this. It is the nature of man to destroy itself. Our lives have become so complicated and so geared around material acquisition etc that we’ve completely lost sight of what really matters in life. And that will be our downfall.


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