156: Dumped

I’ve dumped Twitter again. My state of mind at the moment, is less than joyous, and Twitter is making it far far worse. I can’t do it anymore. Again.

It’s too bitter, too resentful, too angry and too self absorbed for me. And the worst thing about it, is that you start behaving in the same way. If you put out a genuine cry for help on your timeline, noone answers. If you post up that you’ve had Frosties for breakfast, everyone wants a piece of Tony the Tiger action.

Twitter sucks beyond compare. So I’ve left. I haven’t shut down my account – yet. That may follow. For now, I’ve just removed it from my phone so I don’t check in. It is very much dormant. And that’s all I have to say about that.


7 thoughts on “156: Dumped

  1. If you reached out for help, I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. You’ve been supportive of my path for a long time. Given the opportunity I will be there for you.

    You have my email. I’ll drop you a note.


  2. Well, to be clear, I am an infp, and I do empathy, and I do listen, and you have helped me in a lot of ways. Although they may not be obvious to you. Reach out to me anytime. just because I don’t see it, doesn’t mean that I don’t care.

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  3. I think at the moment I have too much going on to focus on anything. The relationship stuff doesn’t even figure into the things I am trying to work out at the moment. Things that only I can sort out. Which is probably why I’m not even writing about dating at the moment and putting so much distance between me and the guys I have been connected with. It’s not even important right now compared to everything else.

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