146: Wanderlust

I haven’t posted in ages – a whole 10 days to be precise. But I have written a lot of drafts that remain firmly in the draft box for now. I don’t want to post, because there are ethical decisions to make. As well as Andre and Mike, Harry is still on the scene. And it is my reluctance to talk about him which hampers my posts. The others don’t matter in the way that he does.

Instead I want to write a few words about Wanderlust, the new BBC drama starring Toni Collette and Steven Mackintosh as a married couple of 23 years who embark on a journey of ethical non-monogamy to revive their sex lives.

As I’ve not done it this way round, I can’t vouch for the authenticity, and as well as that we are only three episodes in, but I am sure there will be people nodding sagey as well as some very angry people screaming and shouting at the TV. Well there you have it. It takes all sorts, and accepting others opinions and other peoples ways of doing things is a noble trait in any human being (and also noteably rare).

I am rapidly approaching the end of my first year doing relationships the non-mongamy way. Of course, waters don’t always run smoothly, but, and now particularly that Harry has sailed down my stream, everything ticks along quite nicely. I have been off the dating sites for a while now and I don’t even think about it. I don’t need it.

Life is complicated at the moment in other areas, and Harry has blown in like a deliberately placed calming force that helps me see things rationally. Is he here for the long term? I have no idea. But he’s here for a reason. And I’m happy to indulge in it and enjoy it for what it is. And that’s all that matters right now. I don’t worry about it, because what he gives is unique for me, and at the moment, priceless. His POV is very similar. We live for the moment.

There is little serenity in my life just at this moment, but for now, I have found something that really really does make sense and at least helps me through to that next stage. What comes after, I am willing to take a chance on.

One thought on “146: Wanderlust

  1. This is wonderful news and I am so thrilled for you. Funny how so many of us dating and relationships bloggers have found a meaningful relationship – at last count about 5 of us, now including you! Live for the moment and for yourself – I mean that in the sense that what others think of our relationships is pointless and irrelevant. Thanks for the tip – love Toni Collette!

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