145: When Words Mean Fuck All

I went to a wedding this weekend. I knew the bride and I’d heard all the stories about her complicated, fucked up family (and her fiancee’s family too) and how she knew they were going to ruin her day somehow. She merrily picked them all off one by one (but she’s not the only one). The day actually went really well. There were speeches at the wedding breakfast where she gushed and cried about how supportive her family had been in the time leading up to the big day. And I remembered how just five days before she had been tearing them to bits.

And then right at the last half an hour of the evening someone did something to piss her off and suddenly they were all fucking assholes again, the ironic part of it being, she had already predicted that this particular thing would happen, so it was no surprise to anyone. So why was she so angry? It was passionate anger too including the hitting of doors, screaming and shouting etc. By the time everyone left at breakfast the next morning, they were all ‘friends’ again.

I wonder at the pettiness of peoples lives, how people don’t stop to think what truly matters and what is just trivial bullshit we just need to filter out. Most of the bitching I’ve heard from this family really wasn’t worth it, but the whole family basically stab each other in the back or piss on each other’s parades on a regular basis. I have never experienced this. I find it stressful and unnecessary. I don’t know how people can live in that culture.

Mostly I thought of all the passionate and fond words spoken at the wedding and how empty they all were, when people can turn so easily on each other. It just goes to show that when it comes to trust, it isn’t just your love partners you have to be careful of. I have friends who often bitch to me about other friends and family. And I think, ‘you’re probably doing the same to me’. And that’s the difference between friends and ‘friends’.

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