99: Sex Sells So Here’s A Taster To Get You Going….

…or maybe not. I’m running the early stages of a little experiment, based on a brief conversation that went on, over on Twitter not so long ago. So really this post is a trick designed to boost my ratings because it’s the end of the month. Admit it, you were here to read all the saucy details of my latest love interest.

Bloggers who wrote entries that featured the messy ins and outs of their sex life got more hits. Noteably so in fact. That of course is no surprise. Sex sells. It always has. It always will. And if you are obsessed by the hits on your blog this is probably the easiest way to do it.

I haven’t and I think it’s a bit of a cheap trick to use it solely as a way to boost your stats. The quality and quantity of your followers are not the same thing.  That said, when appropriate, I will be giving it a go. This is a dating and relationship blog after all. I just need the right kind of liasion worth blogging about to settle the difference.

4 thoughts on “99: Sex Sells So Here’s A Taster To Get You Going….

  1. I agree with you and I rarely write the intimate details of my sex life. It’s just not in my nature to share such details unless there is a point to it – eg, it made me think about something important like orgasm inequality! I think that it must get difficult to keep writing about sex if there is little in the way of other storyline or quality writing.

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