27: Round Up – Too Long???

It’s time for a ‘brief’ update. I’ve been hesitant in posting this because it’s a bit long. Then I saw something similar by another blogger and thought, to hell with it. There have been plenty of new connections and ships in the night which I haven’t added to my regular posts because I keep running out of space. So this is where I am now:

Andre – continued up until recently to be my most regular assignation and the focus of everything. Things have settled into a bit of a routine, Christmas dulled things and the first week or so back at work means everyone is permanently bleary eyed. I think things will spark again. I told him I had my new flat and he got excited.

TJ – I still haven’t worked out the change of Tinder status. We haven’t met again since 28th November and haven’t texted since 30th December. He’s been deleted.

Mike – my London based married man. He seems solidly reliable and level headed enough not to get confused about the direction we’re going in. I am his third in 2017. He’s brought our second meeting forward to 10th January which amuses me. Mr restrained is suddenly champing at the bit. But I appreciate his very grown up keen-ness. We chat in between meets, sometimes we get saucy, sometimes we have very grown up conversations. This is the guy I can imagine going on posh dinner dates with. He’s got a very professional image to keep up so there are limitations and our logistics (there are nearly 200 miles between us) are tantalisingly frustrating which means we also have to get creative about how we arrange our assignations. I like this set up because it is so different to all the others. This one really does feel like we’re doing something wrong and it’s very sexy.

Jem – MIA on the Isle of Man since 22nd December and deleted along with TJ on 3rd January. He’s alive I know that much. He moved country, job, friends and he’s living in a hotel for 6 weeks until he finds a place of his own. I refuse to play the clingy girlfriend role or pine over unanswered messages. I am certain this is the end of this one. He didn’t answer my last messages on 22nd December and 2nd January. It would be a shame because I thought we were good together (well, we were) and I thought there was some mileage in us. Maybe the change of scenery has cooled him despite our conversations about the logistics of meeting up again. Maybe he was always a fake. His Facebook says he’s engaged. Well, I’ll never know now.

Gianluca – no change, little contact but in Italy until 8th January. Whatever.

Jamie – continues to bug me. I can’t quite stop thinking about his beautiful face and how passionate he was. But he’s gone. C’est la vie.

Darren – my guy from FL. We chat, occasionally. Done and dusted.

Conversations: Most of these guys, if not all of them, will disappear. Those who I think will ghost have an asterix. Posts to follow if they turn into real human beings and end up being blog fodder. I sound so shallow. I’m not. They’re all hot – Lee, Giuseppe, Adam, Jeff,Ā  Mika, Joe, Ben


4 thoughts on “27: Round Up – Too Long???

  1. I wouldn’t be hesitant at all, it’s not that long and anyway your quite within your right to have as many people on your list as you god damn please!
    My list is shorter but then that’s because frankly I am useless at planning my social life so the shorter the list the less chance of me screwing up and double booking!
    2018 looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun for you!

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  2. Why? It drives me crazy that if it was a guy listing off women then he would get a high five but as women it as seemed as slutty. I had a conversation with my fiend about this sort of thing today and she said it’s different for women… I can’t see why nor do I care why. It’s my life and more to the point my vagina šŸ˜‚
    Enjoy yourself!


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