25: A Space Of Your Own To….

Who’d have thought finding a place of your own would be so difficult. I may be single (well you know what I mean) and self employed and having enough cash to put down a year’s rent in advance (the North West of England is cheap as chips) shouldn’t really be that difficult. But finding the right place isn’t easy even when everything is seemingly on your side.

I just want to create my own little lair, somewhere I can bring those guys who don’t have a place of their own. I want a cosy bedroom where we can snuggle up, a sofa I can fuck on as well as watch tv naked from and noone would complain about it, a kitchen I can do food play in and noone would be the wiser.

I handed my notice into my landlady. I have until 20th January. But she’s asked me to stay. I’m not overly comfortable about it and I still think the problems exist with me bringing home guests (why it became a contensious issue in the first place). But it’s more about having my own space and feeling relaxed in it. I’m too old for living like a student.

If nothing else this gives me time to find somewhere instead of having a date to work to. In the meantime, those guys who don’t have their own place are reduced to my small but surprisingly spacious 3 door hatchback or my studio in which their still lurks a blow up double mattress (surprisingly comfortable) which I bought when I was temporarily homeless for 2 weeks in August 2015. Like camping but with a roof. It’s the perfect retreat and for those guys who don’t mind roughing it a bit it’s ideal, feels very naughty and therefore adds a certain height to the occasion. Temporarily it’s fine. If I end up doing this the rest of my life I’m going to get really pissed off.

I’m only allowed to bring one guy back to where I live at the moment (he has boyfriend status) but I can’t guarantee how long that set up will last. I’ve nominated Andre but I’m still not that confident this will work. Does anyone have the perfect houseshare set up? And do you need to be sharing with another Tinder-dater for it to work?


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